Timbersexual or Executive?

Hara Punk and Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist vs. Hara Punk Pale Ales

Anyone could choose his or her priority on this double beer-premier event at Élesztő in Budapest, where two of the best Hungarian breweries paired up their new American Pale Ales. You know – the style that isn’t meant to impress you with an overdose of taste and alcohol, but its subtle complexity.

Both Hara Punk Executive Pale Ale and Mad Scientist Timbersexual were brewed in the kettles of Mad Scientist in Kőbánya, in the traditional brewing-district of Budapest. But they are as different as the two types of guys referred to in their names.  Executive is a CEO winding down after work, still retaining its cool, hoppy and elegant style, while Timbersexual is the freelancer who lives the dream – piny, round and silky with a lot of affection.

These two beers tell a lot about the new waves of craft-brewing in Budapest, where an agitated crowd follows new beer-permiers on the average of two a day. Budapest’s new beer-hipsters need something new all the time, but its about more than novelty. They need more and more refined tastes after years of going for the most expressive extremities in hop and alcohol. The leader of this new movement is undoubtedly Mad Scientist and its guerilla partners who brew at their brewery: Rothbeer, Hara Punk, Yeast Wörks.

You will also have the chance to taste these babies in Berlin, on 25th May in Brewdog Berlin Mitte – Budapest Brewers’ Showcase – organized to introduce these brewers to the international scene, after a quick and spectacularly successful premier at Hopfenreich, Szimpla, IPA Bar and Monterey last month.