Taplist announced for Budapest Brewers’ Showcase!

Budapest brewers' showcase taplist

Budapest Brewers come to Berlin!

Its going to be the greatest Hungarian beer-showcase ever to be held outside of Hungary! 14 Hungarian beers go on the taps of Brewdog Bar Berlin Mitte! Duke of Budapest will have its world-premier this night. This beer is a delicious special New England IPA celebrating the creative force behind the brewers and the cultural scene of their vibrant capital city.


The Taplist for Budapest Brewers’ Scowcase 05.25

Mad Scientist:

Smooth Hoperator New England IPA 6%

Timbersexual Minnesota Pale Ale 5%

Tokyo Lemonade Belgian Witbier with yuzu 4,2%

Mango Bay Mango Milkshake Pale Ale 5.2%

Transfusion Blood Orange IPA 5,8%

Monkey Temple Bavarian Wheat with Vanilla beans 4.6%

Liquid Cocaine Double IPA 9%

Mad ScientistXRothbeer: Electric Sky Imperial New England Session IPA 3.6%

Yeast Wörks:

Mad ScientistXYeast Wörks: Duke of Budapest New England IPA 5.6%

Hara Punk:

Executive Pale Ale 4,5%

Son Of A Bitch DIPA 8,5%


Távoli Galaxis (Faraway Galaxy) American IPA 6,1%

Red 5 American style Red Ale 5%

Gingermeister Ginger Spiced Ale 5,1%

The Taplist for Budapest Brewers’ Scowcase 05.25