Say Hello to the Duke of Budapest!

Our flagship beer is in the house (warehouse of course)

The Duke of Budapest is a beautifully elegant quaffable Hungarian craft-brew! It’s a New England IPA – hazy from the enormous amount of dry hops added, but not really bitter due to the lack of traditional hopping.
This beer is the summit of the last decade of Budapest craft-brewing, inspired by the excellence of the creative minds behind it. Celebrating the unique creativity of Budapest in general, and spreading the news about it throught the world!
This beer is acooperation between Mad Scientist and Yeast Wörks – the gypsy brewery grown out of Budapest’s first and greatest craft beer bar – Élesztő!

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where can I try it in Berlin? We are tapped by some of the best craft-beer pubs, like Hopfenreich, Kaschk, Brewdog Bar, IPA Bar, but generally you can buy it at Hudi Hudi webshop >>>