Hungarian beers in Berlin

Mad Scientists brew Hungarian craft beers

Hungarian craft beers

New Hungarian craft beers hit the German market this March!

Hudi Hudi has decided to make an addition to its current sortiment with beers from three of the best Hungarian breweries – Mad Scientist, Rothbeer and Hara Punk.

Hungarian beer scene has gone through its own evolution since Budapest’s first craft-beer festival – Főzdefeszt – in 2011. Innovative and American-style extremities have been present since, but popular high-quality beers have just appeared a while ago. The booming craft-beer market of Budapest gave an example to Berlin in 2013 when the Hungarian-organized Braufest kickstarted Berlin beer-boom.

Mad Scientist is one of the youngest breweries in Budapest. They are already making a name for themselves by brewing exceptionally tasty and clean beers with huge fruity flavours, quite often including the fruit itself into special IPAs. They have introduced New England style IPA-s, like Smooth Hoperator, which is easily the best beer in Hungary right now – and on its way to claiming its right place on the European beer-scene.

Rothbeer is famous of its balanced and beautiful IPAs and easily drinkable session beers. Founded by one the most established home brewers of the decade – Zoltán Róth.

Hara Punk was among the first gypsy-breweries of Budapest. Despite their young age, the two brewers have taught a whole generation to home brew at Brew Studio – their home brew school – among their best pupils were the guys who formed Mad Scientist brewery. Now they have brewed their meisterstück Double IPA – the cool and beautiful Son of a Bitch!