Why would anybody drink Hungarian beer?


Hungarian brewers cheer over their prizes at Főzdefeszt Award Ceremony

Hungarian beers tapped at Kaschk Bar in June

Hungary has never been considered a beer-country, especially by those people that are proud of their own beers like Germans. But as the world stood on its head a few years ago with the new wave of craft-beers, Hungary had an unprecedented chance to change this perception.

Just like the US., this country had been bereft of any good beer by giant multinational beer-companies, and people were not complaining about it – due to a lack of real beer-culture. But in the 2010’s this unfortunate situation turned out to be an opportunity for those who had a beer-revolution in mind. When the first tasteful, sincere and punchy craft-brews have hit Budapest, they became instant hits, and a traditionally crazy Budapest night-life has started to reorganize itself around it. Craft-beer bars and festivals popped up, and a whole new beer-culture emerged with its own rules. And it wasn’t hindered by any adherence to tradition, it was mostly based on creativity and openness – just like int he US.

In the last seven years this intensive urban development has brought about quite a new quality of beer-brewing with a whole circle of brewers brewing in an innovative way. Hungary became the Americas of Europe brewingwise with already some experience behind our backs.

In 2017 some of the best of these beers – Mad Scientist, Rothbeer, Hara Punk, Yeast Wörks – reached the Berlin market, and they are competing for the attention of German drinkers among local craft beers and the international stars, and they have won great reviews after the Budapest Brewers’ Showcase at Brewdog Bar in May! You can also give a chance to Hungarian brews on 18th of June at Kaschk Bar Berlin – where you can also try to beat these brewers at the shuffleboard competition – if you dare!